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POWERFUL TOOLS TO HELP YOU MANAGE YOUR PROPERTIES BETTER! Eikcon Property Manager the new name in Property Maintenance Software


Are you a Commercial, Strata or Real-Estate property manager?

Eikcon Property Manager has the tools you need to manage your properties better! Let Eikcon do all the hard work, allowing you to focus on more important aspects of your business.

Sharper. Smarter. Faster. Easier.

Sharper: Stringent compliance and our rigorous onboarding process ensures contractor integrity is met at all times.

Smarter: Cutting edge technology designed to make contractor management, job management and property maintenance easy and effective!

Faster: 3 clicks and the job is booked! Live updates are sent to your device so you are always informed of the job progress!

Easier: No training required, only takes 60 seconds to setup and can be managed in real time, on demand, using any device anywhere!


Eikcon Property Manager Explained

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  • Take control of your Property Management Portfolio

    Create your own private dashboard, Invite your contractors and take back control of your day! See how easy property management can be with Eikcon Property Manager

  • Send Quote Requests & Project Tenders

    Got a renovation or a remedial project? Let Eikcon Property Manager manage your request for quotes and tender packages with ease. Our tools help you keep track of all your projects and tender packages end to end.

  • Manage Quotes, Invoices & Payments

    Our easy to use Dashboard and app takes the hard work away from managing any job or complex project. Sending work orders & scheduling jobs is only clicks away with Eikcon Property Manager

  • Only Do Business with Verified Tradies

    All your contractors will be pre-qualified & verified before being granted access to our platform. This includes confirmation of valid licenses, insurances and so much more

  • Keep Track of all Quotes, Completed Jobs & Invoice History

    Let Eikcon manage your jobs and projects while keeping your records safe and secure for when you need them.

  • Search & Review Our TradeSearch Tradies

    Need a Tradie Urgently? Get full access to ALL our Verified Tradies and choose to review their profile, licenses, insurances, rating to select the most suitable Tradie that meets your criteria.


Are you a Residential Customer, Builder or Multi-Trade Contractor?

Become a TradeSearch member today for FREE and get access to our incredible features designed to help you manage any project big or small. TradeSearch is safe to use and all TradeSearch Tradies are verified and ready to take on your project.

TradeSearch allows you to invite your favourite Tradies and create your very own Tradie network of approved Tradies. Member quote requests are free for all verified Tradies, so you can rest assured that the quality outcome you are seeking will be met every time.

All TradeSearch members get access to their own private dashboard and app where you can:

  • get instant updates on all quotes & jobs in real-time
  • Search, shortlist & favourite Tradies
  • Send quote requests & project tenders to any of our verified Tradies in real-time
  • Manage quotes, invoices & payments on the fly
  • Schedule quotes & jobs and manage the entire outcome end to end
  • Keep track of all quotes, jobs & invoice history and so much more... 

To become a TradeSearch member, simply get a quote today and click on the “Become a member” link once a job has been completed or simply call 1300 850 837 to request your membership!

Benefits for all

Tradesearch Explained

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  • Job Management, Tracking & Live Updates

    TradeSearch automates the entire job process for both the Customer & the Tradie. We take care of the complexity.

  • Quotes, Completed Jobs & Invoice History

    Let TradeSearch manage your jobs & projects while keeping your records safe and secure for when you need them.

  • Manage Renovations & New Building Projects

    Let our clever tools hep you manage any job or project big or small end to end with ease. No training required.

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